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Shubhwood is not just an innovative product: it is highly sought after for its modern look. The Color in the boards is Permanent, and, for large-scale bespoke constructions, special colors can be produced to order.

The technology deployed guarantees an impeccable finish.

On a technical level, professional fitters appreciate the precise specification and layout planning that it allows the low wastage rates, and the speed installation. Shubhwood wood plastic composite eliminates the need for rendering, and needs no maintenance. Finally, it is the perfect solution for building ventilated facades.


  • Benifits Low Maintenance
  • Benifits Eco Friendly
  • Benifits Resistance to Insects
  • Benifits Easy Installation
  • Benifits Non Flamable
  • Benifits Water Resistance
  • Benifits Temperature Resistance
  • Benifits High UV Resistance
  • Benifits Non Slip Surface
  • Benifits Resistance Fungi & Bacteria
  • Benifits Durable

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