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Tips on Giving Your Walls a Completely New Look

Bored of your bland and boring walls? Is it the same pastel shades that you see everywhere? Sure, it’s very functional. But it is also very boring and devoid of any personality. While we often spend a lot on our furnishings and comforts, we rarely pay attention to our walls. Yet walls take up a lot of visual space in a room. A simple tweak and you can completely change the look of a room. Fortunately, there are many options that you can follow — from composite wall cladding panels to unusual colours.

Go for a bold paint

Every second wall has a white or pastel shade. There are many advantages to light colours — they go with everything and they make a room seem larger. However, they are also very generic and quite boring! So, go for bold colours like blue, ochre and red. Make sure that these go with other things in your room like your upholstery and curtains. But we’ll recommend that you go for even more unusual choices, like a deep red, grey or black. The common idea is that such colours make a room smaller, but this is not always the case. Black walls can be dramatic and cosy at the same time. But do pick your soft furnishings carefully to avoid any clashing of colours.

Go for claddings

Give The Walls A New Look

Claddings are an easy and very useful means of redoing your walls. Composite wall cladding panels are among the most popular choices here. A cladding gives a room a completely new look — making it warm and elegant at the same time. The cladding can execute multiple functions and give you many benefits. With a cladding you don’t have to worry about painting your walls at regular intervals. The cladding insulates the room, giving it another layer. It also protects the wall from weathering damages.

Accessorise your walls

Just as accessories can add character to a person, they can also add personality to a room. These are the little touches or knick-knacks you can add to your walls. This includes paintings, wall hanging and floating shelves that you can attach to your walls. You can look at auctions, garage sales and even online for art pieces that appeal to you. If original paintings are too expensive for you, look for prints of original work.

Some of these are of excellent quality. Wall hangings are another attractive option you can go for. There are many traditional wall hangings to choose from. These are exotic handmade pieces that are beautiful pieces of art. You can also look for shelves. Add a potted plant, some books, pictures, your treasured knick-knacks and you have a beautiful corner in your home!

Paper that wall

Another popular and easy to carry out alternative is wallpapering. Find a pattern that goes with rest of the decor and use it cover the walls. There are a number of striking designs available in the market today and you will likely be spoiled for choice.

Whether you go for composite wall cladding panels, wallpapering or bold colours on the wall, do pay attention to the overall colour and decor style. So, pick your favourite style and start changing your walls!

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