Patio Deck Flooring

Patio converts the outdoor space of your house into an extension of your living space where you can entertain guests. During summer times when it becomes stuffy indoors, patio provides a cool and relaxing place for gatherings especially in the evenings. Patio also enhances the aesthetics of the house. There are multiple deck design ideas to choose from as per the space available, budget and other needs. Patio deck flooring is equally important as other design elements. There is a plethora of deck flooring types with their own features.

1. Concrete

Concrete deck flooring is easy to install. It is very easy to clean and maintain because of high resistance against oil and dirt particles. All you need to do is sweep and hose the concrete flooring. The concrete flooring can be stained and stamped to impart various kinds of unique designs to it which serves to enhance the look of the patio. High durability of concrete means the deck flooring will not chip or crack easily and last for many years. Concrete is also an economical patio deck flooring option.

2. Ceramic and Porcelain tile

There are many types of ceramic tiles used in patio deck flooring with the most popular being porcelain tiles. Porcelain tiles are highly resistant against high and low temperatures which makes them highly suited for outdoor flooring. Porcelain tiles are scratch resistant and highly durable. In addition, porcelain tiles come in many designs and colours resembling wood, stone and marble which impart a luxurious appearance to the patio. Tiled flooring makes the patio highly suitable for entertaining guests. Ceramic tile flooring is very easy to clean and maintain.

3. Brick and Natural Stone

Brick is an aesthetically appealing flooring option for patio decks. Brick flooring imparts a classic and elegant look to the patio reminiscent of English houses of yore. Bricks used for outdoor flooring come in a plethora of designs, patterns and colours. Apart from aesthetics, brick flooring is also a durable option because it withstands wear and tear and even high foot traffic. It is also slip resistant.

Natural stone flooring can be sandstone, granite, slate and many other kinds of natural stone. Both polished and unpolished natural stones are used in deck flooring. Natural stone flooring is highly durable and easy to maintain besides being superior in aesthetics.

4. Wood

Wood flooring scores more as compared to other types of patio deck flooring when it comes to aesthetics. Wood flooring imparts warmth to the patio and does not get very hot or very cold during summer and winter months. Regular maintenance is necessary for wood flooring because wood is susceptible to temperature changes, termites and wood rot.

5. Outdoor Carpeting

Outdoor carpet is manufactured specially for outdoor use. Features such as resistance against mold growth makes it suitable for patio deck flooring. Outdoor carpets come in multiple colours and styles which gives freedom to blend many designs. The soft and comfortable feeling imparted by this flooring creates a homely environment.

Product Description

Utilize the space available in your property with our Outdoor Decking Solutions. The decking is highly durable, aesthetically appealing and resistant against fire damage. The top surface is domed and smooth which improves comfort and reduces water retention.

One of the major happenings of a main section of individuals at the time of spare time is to unwind while you sit and relax. Having a deck can be attractive and of important advantage to the friends and family. They are developing to be gradually prevalent for both housing construction and industrial projects. The amazing thing about these are that they can be easily reinstalled, installed, and detached anytime. Patio deck flooring creates to be quite simple to refresh your balcony or terrace. The decking is weather-resistant and simple to maintain because it is made of good material. The flooring can be bowdlerized if you require to fit it around a pole or corner. You can straightforwardly take the floor decking separately and join it together all over again if you wish to clean the floor beneath. It can be a perfect outdoor escape; it comes in various sizes and pattern styles; it even looks amazing and classy.

Deck Flooring with Color Scrap Technology

With the correct kind of material, you can make a quite relaxing, contemporary atmosphere with the adaptability to match whatsoever style of furniture you have. It gives a charm and attractiveness that just cannot be attained with any other material. Our modified deck flooring above standard wood, mixtures, and pavers as a larger deck flooring option. These products are extremely recognized for toughness, smooth finish, superb design and termite resistance. In addition to this, the products are offered in numerous dimensions and sizes at reasonable rates.

Some of the features of the Patio deck are

  • Deck floors are simple to install: Deck tiles are fast and simple to install as compared to ceramic tiles, concrete, and long wood deck planks.
  • Deck tiles create beautiful patterns and designs: You can mix and match deck tiles to make exclusive patterns and styles.
  • It can be detached and stowed at the time of winter: You can secure your speculation into deck tiles by eliminating them during the colder winter months. They can be put away until spring and afterward reinstalled in the areas they were already.
  • It is low maintenance: The only maintenance needed with patio deck flooring is cleaning them methodically beneath and above to safeguard the extreme air and water flow.
  • Eco-Friendly: Original composite decking is 100% biodegradable and Eco-Friendly.

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